Our services include creating unique custom 2D Animations,in collaboration with our clients bringing their ideas or concepts to life.We even help our clients generate concepts to help them express their thoughts more clearly,so both the client and Animator have concret ideas on which the two have agreed on and move forward to actual production.Then the job of our 2D Animator is to visually represent the ideas discussed and decides when to give them motion.while also tinkering with what type and style of motions the scene will require.Certain animations require more time than others,the time for animation projects also heavily depends on the length of the project

We also create personal Digital StoryBoards,any unique stories we think of or any ideas we have that have not been yet animated, we make a storyboard for the story to see if it work or needs to be changed.Once the Storyboards look good we may decide to to animate it or turn it in to an animatic(essentially rough animations).As for our clients we keep the same process, collaborate with the client in this case we will either come up with a story to together or the customer will have one.The job of the Digital Storyboard Artist then will be to come up with visual drawings representing key moments and key actions.while Implementing their knowledge camera angeles,composition ,and perspective to capture these key moments of ones story in interesting and jaw dropping.These Storyboards can then be used in a live-action film or be turned into a animated feature. »

2D Animation

Red Sky's/Endless Nights intro Scene

Storyboard: A New Opportunity

Storyboard Being Late.pdf

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