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Do Red Crows Exist?

Story: A world where the world governments are gangs/crime syndicates that use various forms or sorcery to control the world one day a orphaned street rat is given the opportunity to work for one of strongest crime families "The Souless Yama" in the current year 2045.Now being one of best Assasin's in the family as our Main character climbed the ranks as he was asked to when he join the family and was told he would be enrolled in the Anastasia Project. As the Anastasia Project comes toward it's climax our Mc is gearing up to go head to head with the remaining members of the Project,On the day of the day of the Culmination Tournamaent.Our Mc reflect's on the past to figure put why for the past Month his appetite has been dieing.

Space Ronin Oceans That Connect Us

Story: A Master swordsman meditates with his student/younger brother trying to explain to him that to advance a technique further to truely master it, a soul should be like the ocean constanly changing,crashing,rising,and never still.After this conversation the student begin's train.

Red Sky's/Endless Nights Intro Scene

An Intro scene for a pilot in the works.

Jumping Over The Sunset

Story: A thief escaping after a big score.

Crows Unravel [In Collaboration Instagram:@yaer]

Description: Mood piece in coloboration with Instagram @yaer. Visual concepts were provided by @yaer. All art in the video was done by Arondeep maan

Dark Lightning (Epilepsy Warning)

Descrption: 2D vfx with sound.

Storyboard Being Late.pdf

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